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Read up on NBI’s funds and get practical advice on investing.

Understanding NBI's fund series

NBI Funds are offered across one or more series. The choice of series will have an impact on the fees paid and the compensation the advisor receives.

Investing Guide            

This reference guide, containing a wealth of practical information, will accompany you throughout the year to help you in your meetings with your customers.

Quick Facts 2020

This document, updated annually, contains an abundance of information regarding registered plans, government plans, tax rates, education savings grants and probate fees.


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Investment Policy Statement (IPS)


Investment accounts and registered accounts

**Related addenda are available on Applicable addenda by jurisdiction

RRSP loans

To access all RRSP loan forms, click here.



Government Forms

Supplementary forms

Important reminder: with regard to Estate settlement files, kindly send your documentation by registered mail to transit 6014-1 to “Estate department”.

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