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November 08, 2018

The NBI Quebec Growth Fund won a Lipper Fund Award 

November 06, 2018

National Bank Investments Announces Changes to Certain NBI Funds 

May 08, 2018

National Bank Investments announces fee reductions

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Access, read and download our latest financial publications, including the NBI Weekly, for up-to-date economic headlines.

NBI Monthly Edition

The NBI Monthly Edition provides insight on market developments, trends and current financial topics, while featuring relevant investment opportunities. Monthly contributions are produced by our team of communication specialists highlighting some of NBI’s key investment solutions.

2018 Investing Guide                               

This handy reference guide contains a wealth of relevant information to help you during your client meetings throughout the year.

Daily Market Summary

The Daily Market Summary offers you an overview of the day's financial highlights from around the world. In addition, the North American indexes section offers a glance at economic activity closer to home. Access data from any of the past five business days right now.

NBI Weekly                                  

A summary of the economics news of the week.

Weekly Economic Watch

The Weekly Economic Watch is an excellent and simple way to stay abreast of a series of important economic and financial indicators affecting the North American, provincial and global backdrops. It offers an analysis on a current economic or financial topic, together with a brief commentary on developments in the economic environment as depicted by economic indicators released during the week.

Monthly Asset Allocation Strategy

The Monthly Asset Allocation Strategy is a document intended for all investment specialists. Based on conclusions from the Bank’s advisory investment committee meetings, it outlines the main economic outlook, analyzes market trends and sets out the resulting tactical asset allocation recommendations.

Quarterly fund review Influence

We're all about communication and ensuring our best practices are dedicated to demonstrating total transparency and objectivity. Our Influence magazine presents our process at work.

Meritage Portfolios Round Table

Portfolio managers of underlying funds discuss their views.


Discover the latest insights from our top portfolio managers.

October 9, 2018

Q4 2018 Outlook – NBI Global Equity Fund | National Bank Investments

October 9, 2018

Q4 2018 Outlook – NBI Preferred Equity Fund | National Bank Investments

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